Going Green

Going green is on mostly everyones mind these days, and it all makes complete sense to do all that we can to get on track. Aside from the highly politicized issues of global warming, living a greener lifestyle has some very practical benefits. By going green you can reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, eat healthier foods, live a more active and healthy lifestyle, and even save money.

America is home to 5% of the worlds population, yet it consumes three times as much natural resource as the global average. This means that every year we fill enough garbage trucks in the United States to form a line that would stretch from the Earth, halfway to the moon; that's 119,430 miles!

CDO works with leading energy solution providers, distributors and manufacturers to facilitate initiative programs for green and sustainable solutions. These include: 

  • Electrical & Solar Power Optimization Solutions 
  • Refrigeration Energy Cost Reduction Technologies
  • Carbon-Based Fuels Efficiency (Natural Gas and Petroleum)
  • Electromagnetic Field Hazardous Radiation Reductions
  • Corporate Business and Technology Strategy Integration
  • Governments and City Agencies and Training Institutions
NJ Green Home Remodeling Guidelines - Weatherization and Energy

CDO - Going Green